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Memory, or lack of it…

As I suffer from server memory loss, due to my Dyslexia problems, I think that making a short video based on this subject, could help me and other people, especially those who are unaware of the difficulties that this problem causes me, such as anxiety with any learning projects that I undertake. So I have made some notes and ideas up below, to help me plan my video.

Outline of my Video Plan

With everything surrounding memory and stillness I will write those ideas down until I decided on the link between the two. It is my intention to make a video on forgetfulness. Like when I forget things I think of something it then goes and then my brain goes silent because I’ve forgot. I’m sure these ideas will help me piece together some footage, based on my own experiences and that of others, along with some research on any kind of medical information i can use( without breaking or involving any copyright laws) based on this subject. I could even just make a video of me moving around my apartment,show me trying to locate some of the things that I intend to do, but have forgotten.

In Conclusion.

On completion of the task, I think that I will benefit on highlighting my problems, and it may also serve as learning video for your people who suffer memory loss.


Screenshot 2014-10-16 07.53.49 Screenshot 2014-10-16 07.53.21


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